Acoustic Consultants

Noise & Vibration Measurement Services & Acoustic Consultancy To Support Our Clients

NCSL is an innovative and forward-thinking acoustic consultancy. Above all, we aim to meet the needs of our clients with acoustic advice & noise measurement services. Furthermore, our services cover all forms of noise & vibration issues.

In addition, our team is made up of acoustic consultants, project managers and noise & vibration experts. Subsequently, this allows us to cover a vast array of disciplines.

Coupled with this solid foundation, NCSL are a team of highly capable noise consultants. Subsequently, we are ready to assist our clients in delivering their acoustic projects successfully.

Our Acoustic Consultants are based on the border of Lancashire & Greater Manchester. As a result, we offer acoustic consultancy services across the North West and beyond.

Our consultants provide noise & vibration consultancy and solutions in many sectors, including:

  • Environmental Noise (Noise Impact Assessment, BS4142).
  • Building Acoustics (Sound Testing).
  • Noise at Work.
  • Modal Testing.
  • Machinery Vibration Condition Monitoring.
  • Room Acoustics.
  • Acoustic Software Development.
  • Sound Power Measurement.
  • Hearing Protection Testing and Development.

In addition, we aim to provide these services at very competitive prices.

Our consultants have worked across the globe providing acoustic advice to clients. This ranges from designing and building acoustic test laboratories to developing the latest technologies. However, we also pride ourselves on tackling projects of any size. In other words, we can help no matter what your project involves.

Our vision is simple. A customer focused acoustic consultancy. As a result, we guarantee to match or better any like-for-like quotation. Furthermore, we are committed to providing quotations and results as quickly as possible, to prevent any delays to our clients. Also, we work hard to ensure that we are on hand throughout the project to provide any required support.

Consequently, we are able to boast an excellent record of customer satisfaction & positive reviews.


Acoustic consultancy

Why work with us?

Notably, our acoustic experts are registered Chartered Acoustic Engineers and Corporate members of the Institute of Acoustics. Above all, this provides our clients with the knowledge that their project is in safe hands. With this in mind, contact us today to discuss your acoustic consultancy needs.

Our Services

  • Noise Impact Assessment.
  • Noise Surveys.
  • BS 4142
  • Sound Testing.
  • Acoustic Design Reviews.
  • Noise & Vibration Control.
  • Echo Control.
  • Bespoke Projects.

Our Specialties

  • Environmental Noise.
  • Building Acoustics.
  • Approved Document E (Part E – Resistance to the passage of sound).
  • Building Bulletin 93 (BB93 – Acoustic Design of Schools).
  • BS8233 (Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings – Code of Practice).
  • Product Development.

Our company vision is simple

an acoustic consultancy designed to support our clients, protect the acoustic environment and to satisfy all relevant legislative requirements.

What is an Acoustic Consultant?

Acoustic consultants are a type of professional who is often hired when sound is an issue.  Some acoustic consultants are hired by concert halls or other public music spaces to assist in making the sound quality better for those enjoying the music.

Other acoustic consultants may be hired by an event that has special needs for its music or other performances. An acoustic consultant can help determine what needs to be done in a space to make it more in line with certain performance needs.

It’s a common misconception that simply by putting up some sound-absorbing material and adding thicker windows to your room you can reduce the level of noise to a more acceptable level. While this may help some people, it’s only part of the solution. In order to truly achieve an acceptable level of noise, we need to work from the inside out.

How Can Our Acoustic Consultants Help?

As experts in acoustic consulting, we can help you generate and implement a solution to any noise control problem you may be having. If you’re having a problem with noise at your workplace, school, or in your home, you can trust us to help you solve it. Our expertise ranges from problem analysis and measurements to consulting with you on the best strategy to mitigate your noise.