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Environmental Noise & BS 4142

Noise Impact Assessment are required when new equipment or developments fall under the scope of BS4142. This could be small devices such as AC systems, or large premises.


BS4142 & Planning

To comply with this standard, BS4142 requires a noise impact assessment. This defines the impact due to the equipment or development on the local environment.

During the planning application process, local authorities will request a noise impact assessment report to discharge any concerns relating to noise. This provides confidence that no adverse acoustic impact will be caused by the proposed equipment or development. In some cases, an environmental impact assessment will provide an early indication of a negative effect – allowing for the installation of corrective measures.

The first step is to complete a noise survey. This helps us to understand the existing background sound level in the area. Once complete, we can assess the impact of the proposed noise source.

Noise Impact Assessment

Noise Impact Assessment

NCSL provides Noise Impact Assessments to our clients to reduce issues during the planning application process.

We provide corrective solutions to our clients when noise concerns are identified by an impact assessment report. This helps to prevent any disturbance in the local environment and to achieve a successful outcome in the planning process.

We know that the planning process can be complex. So we are on hand to assist our clients through the entier process.

Our team have worked on a wide range of environmental noise projects. So you can be sure that you are in good hands.


Competitive Prices

We offer Noise impact assessments to our clients at extremely competitive prices. We also endeavour to match or beat any like-for-like quotation.

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Further info from the GOV.UK website relating to environmental noise is available here. Info on noise surveys and management can be found here. There is also a blog post on the topic of noise monitoring & impact assessments.


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What is a Noise Impact Assessment?

A Noise Impact Assessment (also called the Noise Impact Study or Noise Impact Statement) enables organisations to assess the level of impact that noise from new developments will have on the surrounding environment. 

The assessment is often required by local authorities for certain development projects, and provides a baseline for measuring and monitoring changes in noise levels after the project is completed. As such, the assessment provides a basis for determining mitigation measures to reduce noise impacts.

Noise impact assessments are carried out as part of the planning application process for large scale developments in the UK. A noise impact assessment is a report which monitors and assesses the kinds of noise which may affect a development from a specific location. This can be a new development or an existing one, and the noise impact assessment will be carried out to assess the impact the noise will have on the local community.

If you’re about to embark on a construction project or planning to introduce a new development or machine, then you will need to consider a noise impact assessment. A noise impact assessment will involve gathering the information on noise emission from the existing activities, noise emissions from the proposed development or construction, noise impacts from the existing activities and the proposed development and noise impacts if no control measures were implemented.

If you live near a busy road, chances are you notice the sound of traffic in your daily life. As a result, it can be easy to take the noise for granted; it is, after all, a part of living near a road. However, noise can have a serious impact on your quality of life, and it’s not just a matter of being slightly inconvenienced. In fact, some types of noise can cause serious damage to your health – it’s even been proven to cause hearing loss. This is why noise impact assessment is so important, and why you should consider employing a professional to carry out an on-site noise assessment.