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Sound Insulation Testing

We are experts in building acoustics. Particularly in sound insulation testing – also known to as sound testing, pre-completion testing or Approved Document E testing. This involves the testing of separating floors and walls.

We conduct this testing for newly built or converted properties for residential use. The results must meet specified sound insulation requirements as per Approved Document E.


How is the sound test done?

We conduct measurements of a noise source on either sound of a partition (the wall or floor in questions). We then apply corrections for echoes and background sound. In addition, where separating floors are present, we also conduct an impact test. All of our sound tests are SITMA accredited.


Sample Testing & Design Reviews.

Our acoustic design review services can help developers to understand the likelihood of passing the sound insulation test before construction begins. This helps to reduce expensive corrective works once the development is complete.

We also offer sound insulation sample testing. This defines the performance of party walls or floors on an individual basis before implementation of a design across a full development.

When a partition fails this assessment, we provide remedial advice. A re-test follows the partition modifications. In addition, NCSL review proposed constructions in order to highlight any concern areas before work commences.


When to Test?

Testing can start when: All walls and floors are complete. Internal and External doors fitted. Windows fitted. Sockets fitted and sealed. 240v power is present on site.


Competitive Prices

We offer sound insulation tests to our clients at extremely competitive prices. We also endeavour to match or beat any like-for-like quotation.

Contact NCSL for more information on sound insulation testing.

You can also have a look at the information provided by the GOV.UK website relating to acoustic testing. We also have a blog post on sound testing which you may find useful.


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sound insulation testing

Sound Insulation Testing with NCSL loudspeaker

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What is Sound Insulation Testing?

Sound insulation testing is a method for measuring the sound blocking ability of a particular material. Sound insulation testing is typically conducted using a sound level meter with a microphone and an automated system to record data. 

This data takes the form of a noise reduction rating. Sound insulation testing is conducted via an ISO test method in accordance with Approved Document E.

Sound insulation is the attenuation of sound by a structure or device. Sound insulation is usually measured in units of sound reduction, commonly the decibel (dB).

When you walk into your home, it is a place where you can relax and feel safe. You can play your music at a reasonable level, have a conversation with your loved ones, and not worry about waking up the neighbours. However, you may not realise how much noise can seep into your home from outside, whether it be through cracks in walls or other gaps. This is where sound insulation testing comes into play, to ensure you are getting the appropriate amount of sound insulation, and to determine where you may have leaks.

Why is Sound Insulation Testing Important?

Sound insulation testing is a crucial part of any construction project, whether you’re building a new house, a home theater or recording studio. In fact, even if you’re converting a property sound insulation testing is essential to ensure that the walls and floors can keep the noise outside where it belongs.