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Noise Control Solutions is among the most reputed companies in Manchester that offers sound testing and consultancy services to residential as well as clients in Manchester. Our experts work with architects, builders, contractors and developers on projects of all sizes to help them understand the side effects of their building design on the acoustics for those who will live or work in the surrounding areas. We thoroughly inspect the premises before offering our suggestions upon which the concerned party can make the right decision without any fear of compromise.

At Noise Control Solutions, we have a team of sound testing experts who are vastly experienced to deliver the most accurate sound testing for project planning in the building sector.

It is crucial  to check how a proposed design can affect the acoustics of a property because it allows the builders to finalize the design without compromising on the quality.

What is sound insulation testing?

Sound testing is carried out for residential and commercial projects to ensure that the final structure attenuates noise properly. While performing sound testing, our experts will take readings of airborne and impact noise. The results obtained after the sound test and analysis will help us determine how much soundproofing needs to be done to ensure insulation complies with the current building regulations.

We work with several top businesses throughout Manchester and other parts of the North West, UK to make sure that they are in compliance with the current sound standards along with ensuring that the noise produced by their premises doesn’t disrupt the surrounding areas.

Pre-Completion Sound Testing In Manchester

It is important for newly-built or converted dwelling-houses, flat or rooms for residential purposes such as student accommodation, hotels, etc., to have the sound test carried out for impact sound and airborne sound insulation once the building is fully constructed. The noise level should adhere to the current building regulations. However, there are a few exceptions such as newly built developments, detached houses, which are registered with Robust Details scheme.


sound testing Manchester

Airborne Sound Insulation Testing In Manchester, UK

If the sound is being transferred through the floor or separating wall, causing problems to the people living in the surroundings, then the first step for the solution includes establishing the current level of sound insulation. With airborne sound testing, it may be revealed that the separating construction is the primary source of transmission or the flanking coming from the surrounding structures. Once the root cause is identified, it is easier to take the necessary remedial measures.

If the noise breaks-in via a façade due to road traffic or other sources, then it’s important to upgrade the existing level of sound insulation. Similarly, if the noise breaks out via a façade due to music or other sources, it becomes vital to improve the existing level of sound insulation.

Our Services

  • Noise Impact Assessment.
  • Noise Surveys.
  • BS 4142
  • Sound Testing.
  • Acoustic Design Reviews.
  • Noise & Vibration Control.
  • Echo Control.
  • Bespoke Projects.

Our Specialties

  • Environmental Noise.
  • Building Acoustics.
  • Approved Document E (Part E – Resistance to the passage of sound).
  • Building Bulletin 93 (BB93 – Acoustic Design of Schools).
  • BS8233 (Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings – Code of Practice).
  • Product Development.

    Acoustic testing Manchester

    sound testing manchester

    Acoustic assessment Manchester

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    an acoustic consultancy designed to support our clients, protect the acoustic environment and to satisfy all relevant legislative requirements.

    Impact Sound Insulation Testing

    When the noise is produced by the impact sound from the floor above, then the first step remains the same, i.e., establishing the existing level of sound insulation. Once the existing sound level insulation is established, we can recommend the appropriate remedial measures.

    Reverberation Time

    The reverberation time of a building has a huge effect on speech intelligibility and clarity of music. It can also impact the reverberant sound level within a space that can influence the speech privacy within open plan spaces like offices and the deterioration of sound across open plan spaces like workshops. To fix this problem, it is necessary to measure the existing reverberation time because only then, the right absorbent treatment is established to lower the reverberation time.

    Indoor Ambient Noise Levels

    The presence of ambient noise levels inside a space can have a huge effect on the people living or working inside it. It affects the speech intelligibility and also cause sleep disturbance. Not just that, but it also affects acoustic privacy. Measuring existing indoor ambient noise level is the initial step when it comes to establishing the right mitigation measures.

    Building Services

    Noise levels in building services can impact internal and external spaces. Though it is expected to experience a certain level of noise due to operation of the equipment. However, if the noise level is too high, then it is considered intrusive or even noise nuisance. To fix the problem, the first step is to measure the existing building services noise levels because that’s how the appropriate mitigation measures can be identified.

    Why Choose Noise Control Solutions?

    We have a vast experience within the industry, and we have served in a wide range of sectors that include residential, industrial and commercial, etc. We have a team of highly qualified and capable technicians who will deliver top-quality results at the most competitive rates. Call us today to carry out the most accurate sound testing of your premises in Manchester.